Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WASP 101...

semi bologna blog: WASP 101-exploring the world of classic wasp style.

Gag me with a faux silver spoon. I wish I had never stumbled upon this blog. 
. Written by a 30-something, self proclaimed "wasp" with a "rambunctious dachshund" and an affinity for poorly tailored Brooks Brothers suits and cheap tassel loafers, it's sometimes hard to take these waspy fashion and lifestyle tips seriously
 I must say though, at times, I can't help but to be inspired by the fact that he does take the time out of his very busy wasp schedule to share his awesomely bad and plaid tips with us. 
This post is one of my favorites. This guy actually took the time while getting dressed for his great aunt's funeral to share his super amazing style secrets with us. Classy 101.

If you have few more moments to spare, you should check out my friend Jonas' perfectly preppy fashion blog here. He kind of knows what he is talking about. 

and click here to explore more on the 12 styles of the American Man.

image source via wasp 101

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